Human Pony Play Gear For Fetish Sex Pleasure

*** Pony Play Crops ***
Braided Leather Cane
Braided Leather Crop
Flex Flicker Whip
Horse Hair Crop
Horse Hair Flogger Whip
Horse Lunge Whip
Lolly Crop
Slapper Crop

*** Pony Play Gags ***
Ball Gag + Blindfold Harness
Ball Gag + Nipple Clamps
Beginner Ball Gag
Classic Trainer Ball Gag
Half Moon Bit Gag
Jawbreaker Ball Gag
Rubber Bit Gag
Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

*** Pony Play Gear ***
Anal Plug - Blonde
Anal Plug - Ponytail
Anal Plug - Steel
Anal Plug - Red
Body Harness - Buckle Up
Body Harness - Custom
Body Harness - Locking
Body Harness - Slave
Bridle Set
Latex Pony Boots
Leather Leash - Red
Leather Leash - White

*** Pony Play Media ***
Fetish Academy - DVD
Ivy Manor 3 DVD
Rubber Doll Factory - DVD
Rubber Ponies - DVDs
Tales From The Manor - DVD
The Human Pony - Book
Ties That Bind - Book
Training Beauty - DVD

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Pony Play Erotic Art 2
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Order Anal Plugs, Body Harnesses, Boots, Bridles And Leashes For Pony Play
Human Pony Play Product Shopping: Anal Plugs, Body Harnesses, Boots, Bridles And Leashes For Pony Playing
Order Anal Plugs, Body Harnesses, Boots, Bridles And Leashes For Human Pony Tole Playing Pleasure
Pony Play Tack : Order Anal Plugs, Body Harnesses, Boots, Bridles And Leashes For Role Playing Fetish Pleasure From JT’s Stockroom

Your pony girl or pony boy must be dressed with the proper pony play role playing gear, including the anal plugs, buckle up body harnesses, bridle sets, boots, leashes - and much more - that are available for sale via this web site. Pony play is sometimes referred to as The Aristotelian Perversion from the legend that Aristotle enjoyed being ridden like a horse. Ponies - the people involved in pony play role playing - generally divide themselves to three groups although some will participate in two or perhaps all three:

Cart ponies: Ponies who pull a sulky - a light, two wheeled cart with a seat for their owner.
Riding ponies: Ponies who are ridden, either on all fours or on two legs, with the rider on the shoulders of the pony. This is also known as Shoulder riding. Note that a human back is generally not strong enough to take the weight of another adult without risk of injury, so four-legged riding is generally symbolic, with the rider taking most of their weight on their own legs.
Show ponies: Ponies who show off their dressage skills and often wear elaborate harnesses, plumes and so on.

To Obtain Maximum Pleasure From Pony Role Playing Sessions Human Pony Girls And Pony Boys Need To Wear The Right Equipment

Human ponies, with only two legs, are unable to duplicate the gaits that a real equine pony can. A pony girl or boy will be expected to walk using the proper pony step - raising the knees to approximately crotch height when walking. Occasionally, the high pony step is seen, which is raising  the leg to waist height. All ponies, no matter what type they are, should wear the proper equipment - or tack - they will look good, they will be more inclined to behave like a real pony, and their pony play role playing sessions will be much more enjoyable.  We recommend that the following pony play equipment, or tack should be purchased -

Arm Restraints: These can be anything from sleeves to wrist cuffs. Be careful when you first use them on a pony, as it can inhibit their ability to balance and they could get hurt.
Bits: The most basic bit can be found is most fetish shops, and even a few sex stores. Some people choose to have a bit and bridle come together, though its not necessary.
Bridles: These give extra head coverage. They can be found in many styles from the basic to the full pony head. They are also useful for ponies who are unable to have a bit in their mouth.
Gags : These prevent a pony from speaking and may also restrict their breathing, so must be used with extra care.
Plumes: You need some sort of bridle to attach plumes. They come in a variety of styles and colors to add a little flash to pony role playing.
Harness: These are not a necessity for all ponies. However, most good pony harnesses feature a wide belt or corset around the middle as well as genital and shoulder straps. D-rings at the shoulders are also a useful addition for reins on cart ponies.
Reins And Lead Rope: These can sometimes be created from things you have around the house or can be found in equestrian stores and fetish shops. What works well are matching dog leashes in six foot lengths, which you can find in leather or nylon in any pet store.
Saddle: Many four-legged ponies, and even some two-legged ponies love their saddles and provide a comfy spot for the rider to sit, or just as decoration. The best saddles are small, real pony saddles, but you can also buy human pony saddles if you can find the right online retailer. Note that for two-legged human ponies, you have the option of a saddle for your back, or a custom made or modified saddle for the shoulders. Use whatever makes you comfortable.
Stirrups: These go along with the saddle, though just because you have a saddle does not mean you need stirrups, and just because you have stirrups does not mean you need a saddle.

Buy The Right Equipment And Tack And Use Them As Soon As You Start To Train Your New Pony Girl Or Pony Boy And They Will Be Obedient In All Of Your Pony Play Role Playing Fetish Sessions
29 - Ponytail Blonde Anal Plug - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
30 - Ponytail Anal Plug - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
25 - Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex
31 - Ponytail Red Anal Plug - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
28 - Women‘s Buckle Up Leather Harness - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex
26 - Custom Body Harness For Women - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex
27 - Locking Women’s Custom Body Harness - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
32 - PVC Female Slave Harness - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
23 - Pony Head Bridle Set - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
24 - Molded Latex Pony Boots - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
34 - Red Leather Leash, 2.5‘ - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
33 - White Leather Leash, 2.5 - For Fetish And BDSM Pony Play Sex Pleasure
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